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Personalised goodybags

By: elijoby12 | 27-05-2015 00:00

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png


by: montymonto
on: 12-11-2018 22:41

good idea

by: reeceandlilly
on: 30-12-2018 07:34


by: montymonto
on: 12-11-2018 22:41

good idea

by: montymonto
on: 12-11-2018 22:41

good idea

by: montymonto
on: 12-11-2018 22:40

good idea

by: mustang78h
on: 08-11-2018 10:43


by: jidstone
on: 03-11-2018 18:25

I would rather have more data than texts and calls. I'd be happy with unlimited data and 200 mins and 200 tezts for £20 a month. Thanks.

by: mhfffhuyf
on: 18-12-2018 04:38


by: laetitiatang
on: 15-10-2018 17:12

Great idea

by: bartkowski1983
on: 15-10-2018 16:12

Very good idea. I'm not using minutes allot and I can get more data instead

by: beckiie
on: 15-10-2018 15:38

100% agree!!

I hardly use my minutes or my texts as everything i do is on social media!!

by: jeffr03462
on: 09-10-2018 16:11

data only would be nice

by: mhfffhuyf
on: 18-12-2018 04:42

Yes, wouldn't it,but but and but, Giffgaff,will probs,not do it