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Personalised goodybags

By: elijoby12 | 27-05-2015 00:00

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png


by: lowricosta
on: 21-03-2019 19:57

Brilliant idea. I buy the unlimited just for the data, but I don't really need unlimited calls and texts. Maybe an idea to be able to have more than 20gb at full speed using your idea too.

by: crabtrees
on: 11-03-2019 05:40

this wo

by: mangoslurp
on: 09-03-2019 22:44

Great idea. It gets my vote. ????

by: becky51369
on: 01-03-2019 04:30

whoop! whoop! Best idea yet! ????

by: becky51369
on: 01-03-2019 04:30

whoop! whoop! Best idea yet! ????

by: sw33ty
on: 23-01-2019 13:19

excellent idea

by: sukidoo
on: 30-12-2018 01:54

If you have a laptop dongle with a giffgaff SIM and goodybag, it's really not viable to use it as a phone or texting facility. So in this case data only is priority. Yes you can buy a gigabag, but it's not so economical. - sukidoo

by: mezeit
on: 15-12-2018 13:04

This is a very innovative idea.However, I don't think you would end up saving money with this option. I like it anyway.

by: janicecass
on: 13-12-2018 01:49

This idea may already exist if so I apologise.....

If u buy yur goody bag and towards the end of the mnth say u run out of minutes txts or data. May be have a small goody bag separate data minutes or txts, with a small amount of this item in each little goody bag, this we can call a pouch lol, we can then buy 1 to last us until r top up date. The rule there must be agreed to that we still must top up on r due date.

by: janicecass
on: 13-12-2018 01:36

When u say not for us. Can u explain why it not, just curious.