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Personalised goodybags

By: elijoby12 | 27-05-2015 00:00

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png


by: william_knapman
on: 01-06-2015 15:06

I'm sorry to be negative but this essentially turns goodybags into a complicated form of PAYG.  I would prefer giffgaff to be as simple as possible inorder to be as administratively streamlined as possible inorder to be as cheap as possible. 

by: matty_levantiz
on: 28-05-2015 22:53

sorry if my math isnt correct, typing this after a 12 hour shift, its been a long day

by: bigbeautifulboy
on: 26-09-2017 22:12

what about this?

100 minutes

100 text



18$ x month