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Payback can be saved up to buy a phone

By: misba_786 | 10-12-2014 00:46

Another additional option for payback which would be "saving for phone" so that giffgaff users who have earnt payback could save it to buy a phone from the site. This would be a good way for giffgaff to sell more phones and encourage more members to buy it from this site. Some people may say they can already do this by taking the payback as cash, but having this additional option would mean giffgaff would have less money to process on payback times and also would allow users to save up towards their phones.


by: traelkom
on: 21-06-2015 09:15


by: bill
on: 14-06-2015 09:33

Surely it makes more sense to take the cash and put it in a savings account?

1) You'd get interest

2) The money is safe if Giffgaff goes under

3) You're not limited to phones from Giffgaff

by: chookiecaz
on: 14-06-2015 02:20

This is a very good idea.  

I bought my last mobile from GiffGaff and have suggested to another family member to do likewise.  

by: kevincunno
on: 13-06-2015 16:23

Got my vote it would encourage a canny few members to buy a phone from giffgaff keeping payback within giffgaff

by: bullittinbfd
on: 30-05-2015 03:44


by: bullittinbfd
on: 30-05-2015 03:44

Good idea - supported!

I would add a further stipulation that the expiry regarding taking payback options should be suspended if you are saving for a phone.

This means that you would not have to worry about setting your paypal email, and giffgaff get to hold onto your payback (therefore earning them interest on your payback), and they will have the guarantee that you will be ploughing your payback back to giffgaff (so howabout a discount for those that save this way?)



by: shalaine1983
on: 29-05-2015 06:28
Also think you should get some payback for topping up, like orange used to do
by: kvncltn
on: 27-05-2015 09:13

I thought that you could do this already and was surprised to see that it wasn't an option when buying a phone. I now take my payback as cash for that reason, so I can use it to buy new phones when I want.

by: tylerrose1234
on: 13-08-2018 22:05

I agree I think this is a brilliant idea!!

by: benderthegrate1
on: 11-08-2018 18:13

good move