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Payback can be saved up to buy a phone

By: misba_786 | 10-12-2014 00:46

Another additional option for payback which would be "saving for phone" so that giffgaff users who have earnt payback could save it to buy a phone from the site. This would be a good way for giffgaff to sell more phones and encourage more members to buy it from this site. Some people may say they can already do this by taking the payback as cash, but having this additional option would mean giffgaff would have less money to process on payback times and also would allow users to save up towards their phones.


by: roise05
on: 06-09-2018 13:02

very good idea!

by: mortansley
on: 02-07-2018 15:36

great idea!

by: chengwinki
on: 10-10-2017 04:15

fabulous idea! :D

by: joannawaters48
on: 15-11-2018 16:32

yes please

by: uethica_7
on: 08-11-2018 13:08

It is a good idea yet at times the payback comes in useful when you do not have the cash to topup. If the pay back is used to save up to purchase a phone then this means members of giffgaff should obtain the phone at a reduced price not at the full price this would encourage members to purchase. So the best thing to do is recommend that by saving the payback we can purchase a phone at a reduced price of maybe 20-50% as committed GiffGaff Members. Everyone is looking for the best deals with their Network Servers things are getting rough.

by: chas2018
on: 08-11-2018 00:30

is it wise ?

by: cgboal
on: 04-11-2018 22:26


by: cgboal
on: 04-11-2018 16:04
by: cgboal
on: 04-11-2018 15:12
by: bigal7777
on: 27-10-2018 15:58

very good idea ????