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Abolish the <5min/MB limit for early Goodybag purchase

By: prawlin | 04-12-2014 08:49

With reservations, I welcome the recently introduced early Goodybag purchase facility.

BUT! Why on earth should I be FORCED to wait until either the minutes or the data is almost totally used up. If I choose to purchase a new GB early and accept total forfeit of the existing one, then surely I should be allowed to do this at any time I choose! It's entirely my loss, if I decide to discard my existing bag in favour of an early new one surely?

For instance, supposing I'm usually a very low usage user and am just a week into a Hokey Cokey (£5) bag. Then something totally unforeseen suddenly changes in my personal circumstances. I realise I'm gonna need lots more minutes, texts and/or data. I want to now start a new £18 bag so that I can ensure I have lots more allowance available for the next month.

I'm going to be very busy and don't want the hassle of having to watch my remaining usage like a hawk until it finally lets me buy my desired bigger bag. Heck I could use up that last 5 minutes in just a single long call! I want to buy a big bag immediately so I can then relax and continue with peace of mind that a big bag gives me. I understand that all remaining service on my existing bag will be totally forfeited, as the system clearly warns me about this in no uncertain terms at the point of purchase.

My proposal here is to completely remove the remaining usage thresholds for early Goodybag re-purchase. I am intelligent enough to decide if I want to upgrade or renew my existing Goodybag at any time I so choose, with immediate effect.

If you agree please kudos this proposal in the upper left corner.

Thank you.


by: bill
on: 13-06-2015 22:21

You could call an automated line to use up your minutes, like 020 3046 0010 (an automated parking number that just yaps for ages).

by: bertiebat
on: 13-06-2015 14:52

Thanks Timo for looking into this idea which I do agree with but in the interests of both keeping ideas tidy and also in fairness to cim who actually posted this idea first here http://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/14904397 can you also take into account votes added on the original idea please.  I supported the original idea but have a strict policy on not supporting duplicates when an idea is still fresh.  Thanks 

by: pcantellow
on: 12-06-2015 17:50

I love this idea! Why does it have to be uner 5 mb/mins. It wouldn't think it is too difficult to implement, and would make the user expereicne much better. Supported! 

by: klmwong
on: 08-06-2015 07:17

i buy the £5,goody bags and use it for texting. i hardly make any calls and do not use any data at all.


This idea would be good for me if i used my text allowance and wanted to start another. every few months or so i do find that i have run out of texts and being able to start a new £5 bag early would be very handy.

by: navvy
on: 05-06-2015 08:06
Watching 4K videos isn't going to work on the £5 goodybag on a 2G signal and a basic phone without apps. Phoning a non member just to use up the minutes so that texts can be replaced, is a waste of resources, causing congestion on masts, and looks bad to potential members. It seems obvious that zero texts was overlooked because it only affects one goodybag. The zero minutes threshold does not apply on gigabags, where you have to waste data down to the end of the 50MB buffer, so that you can replace the bag for an uninterrupted download of a large file. I'd like early replacement to give a rollover, so that existing allowances are not lost if you repurchase before you reach the 5MB threshold. That way you could stack enough data for what you need.
by: timo_t
on: 03-06-2015 15:00

We haven't lost sight of this idea. It has come up as a potential solution to some other ideas around data usage/tethering as well. Please keep supporting the idea if you would like to see this implemented.

by: kvncltn
on: 27-05-2015 21:11

You could always watch videos on youtube until your data is low enough, shouldn't take long using some of the 4K promotional videos. I don't see the point in removing those limits as the hassle of using your remaining data/minutes to get to the threshold is minimal at worst.

by: billyblue604
on: 09-09-2018 16:24

Think this is an excellent idea many of happy gaffers far and wide would benefit from