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Abolish the <5min/MB limit for early Goodybag purchase

By: prawlin | 04-12-2014 08:49

With reservations, I welcome the recently introduced early Goodybag purchase facility.

BUT! Why on earth should I be FORCED to wait until either the minutes or the data is almost totally used up. If I choose to purchase a new GB early and accept total forfeit of the existing one, then surely I should be allowed to do this at any time I choose! It's entirely my loss, if I decide to discard my existing bag in favour of an early new one surely?

For instance, supposing I'm usually a very low usage user and am just a week into a Hokey Cokey (£5) bag. Then something totally unforeseen suddenly changes in my personal circumstances. I realise I'm gonna need lots more minutes, texts and/or data. I want to now start a new £18 bag so that I can ensure I have lots more allowance available for the next month.

I'm going to be very busy and don't want the hassle of having to watch my remaining usage like a hawk until it finally lets me buy my desired bigger bag. Heck I could use up that last 5 minutes in just a single long call! I want to buy a big bag immediately so I can then relax and continue with peace of mind that a big bag gives me. I understand that all remaining service on my existing bag will be totally forfeited, as the system clearly warns me about this in no uncertain terms at the point of purchase.

My proposal here is to completely remove the remaining usage thresholds for early Goodybag re-purchase. I am intelligent enough to decide if I want to upgrade or renew my existing Goodybag at any time I so choose, with immediate effect.

If you agree please kudos this proposal in the upper left corner.

Thank you.


by: jeff_elephant
on: 08-09-2015 15:51

Many people want to start their next goodybag early, so why not let them? It's more money for giffgaff if people early repurchase Goodybags!

by: steve179
on: 08-09-2015 15:01

I cant see a problem here if a member needs too top up its there loss and giffgaffs gain.

by: adesuyiy
on: 08-09-2015 14:58
To me , i believe you are boosting Giffgaff sales at ur cost with purchase . Giffgaff are the one's at gain so the should allow early purchase at any interval and for better customers satisfaction.
by: shipon786
on: 08-09-2015 14:23
by: daveiyf
on: 08-09-2015 14:09

this gets my vote, 100%  , at least

by: 0339
on: 08-09-2015 13:49


by: phillsibson
on: 08-09-2015 11:14

This Idea makes so much sense I voted for it - I didnt need to use the mess that is the labs as it was promoted on my points statement :)

Others have said that a warning about the loss of the existing goodybag should be shown before the new one is activated.

I'd like to add that the warning should say "your current goody bag would run until (date) and still has nnn Minutes, nnn Mb and nnn Texts (£5 goody bags), these will all be lost if you start the new goodybag early"

With that complete warning in place at the point someone activates or purchases a goodybag for imediate activation, I see no problem with allowing people to do this.

I doubt I'll find this idea again, and I've no wish to use the lab in its current form to find earlier versions of this idea - life is just too short, giffgaff take notice, the old forum style layout was much easier to use, ideas were easy to find and once an idea had been supported or commented on, it was one click from a users profile away - NONE of the features of the new lab are worth what its missing, and all that extra white space and the page hopping one has to do to get around the lab, just makes me click back to contribute where everything is just where you expect it to be.

by: navvy
on: 08-09-2015 10:30
To avoid the problem of people not realising they are deleting their existing allowances, let's have a dial box on the dashboard so they have to dial their minutes down to below 5 and then the link to buy another goodybag appears.
by: momist
on: 08-09-2015 10:19

I can't see any negative effect of implementing this idea, other than the few careless unthinking people who may throw away a large amount of data/minutes needlessly.  Supported.

To those others talking about the duplicate ideas - the whole Labs is in a mess and utter rubbish ATM.  Go and support the duplicates as well please, rather than moaning about them.

by: ma2013
on: 29-08-2015 14:32
Great idea, fully supported. Kudos! :-)