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Abolish the <5min/MB limit for early Goodybag purchase

By: prawlin | 04-12-2014 08:49

With reservations, I welcome the recently introduced early Goodybag purchase facility.

BUT! Why on earth should I be FORCED to wait until either the minutes or the data is almost totally used up. If I choose to purchase a new GB early and accept total forfeit of the existing one, then surely I should be allowed to do this at any time I choose! It's entirely my loss, if I decide to discard my existing bag in favour of an early new one surely?

For instance, supposing I'm usually a very low usage user and am just a week into a Hokey Cokey (£5) bag. Then something totally unforeseen suddenly changes in my personal circumstances. I realise I'm gonna need lots more minutes, texts and/or data. I want to now start a new £18 bag so that I can ensure I have lots more allowance available for the next month.

I'm going to be very busy and don't want the hassle of having to watch my remaining usage like a hawk until it finally lets me buy my desired bigger bag. Heck I could use up that last 5 minutes in just a single long call! I want to buy a big bag immediately so I can then relax and continue with peace of mind that a big bag gives me. I understand that all remaining service on my existing bag will be totally forfeited, as the system clearly warns me about this in no uncertain terms at the point of purchase.

My proposal here is to completely remove the remaining usage thresholds for early Goodybag re-purchase. I am intelligent enough to decide if I want to upgrade or renew my existing Goodybag at any time I so choose, with immediate effect.

If you agree please kudos this proposal in the upper left corner.

Thank you.


by: djones6922
on: 18-04-2016 10:48

you got my vote

by: evs22
on: 27-03-2016 12:53

Excellent idea, would be very helpful if it was implemented. Thanks!

by: giffer23
on: 03-03-2016 22:18

This is very good idea, thanks for coming up with it. :) 


by: alexirving
on: 29-01-2016 16:14

Supported. By the time you reach 5MB data, you'll run out of data before you top up / buy a new goodybag

by: jfh
on: 13-01-2016 01:06

Great idea, totally supported. 

by: dips18
on: 07-01-2016 03:28

Yep I agree with this. As at the end of the day it would only make giffgaff more money. As people would be charged for a goodybag that they've paid for and not even used most of the allowance of and wanted to send more money on another goodybag. Thats more money for giffgaff so would make sense for them to do this. I'm sure they will eventually just like they changed it to this current one as before you couldn't do anything and had to wait until your goodybag expired. 


by: nickhanrahan1
on: 23-12-2015 12:08

It could be opt-in, so when you know you're going to be going over your usual limit one month but still have a fair bit of data left, you can check a box to tell the queued goodybag to buy itself as soon as the 5MB limit is reached. Not saying this would be easy to implement, but it covers the intended use without affecting normal users. If you're regularly going over your goodybag then the proper solution for that is to get a bigger goodybag, so it shouldn't need to cater for those people.

by: s_pat
on: 11-12-2015 15:00

Agreed. It's easier to early repurchase when it's convenient for you, not when you've run out of data!

by: scottdavies1346
on: 14-11-2015 04:30

I do and don't agree with this idea I always use a £20 gb and don't have any problems of running out of minutes or data as I use my phone as a sat nav and regularly stream kids films to my phone sometimes my statement recommends me a cheaper gb but I always get the same one.


by: happybat
on: 10-11-2015 19:14

5MB is too hard to judge without going over and into expensive credit data.