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By: bex85 | 03-11-2014 22:05

This might sound like a daft idea, but I think there should be a way that you can get notifications on the giffgaff website so you can see who has commented on any of your posts or posts that you have commented on, also when people have mentioned you while you have been offline. I know that you can receive emails telling you these things, but the emails don't really tell you that much. It shouldn't be too much to ask for, and won't cost anybody any money. Hope people can support this idea :smileyhappy:


by: fieryredheaded1
on: 05-11-2017 03:11

thank you

by: djgent247
on: 24-09-2017 20:01

yes please

by: myna2017
on: 20-09-2017 19:26

that will be really good

by: ayedunno
on: 19-09-2017 08:47

That would be really helpful.

by: governorlez
on: 18-09-2017 10:41


by: kelannwhite
on: 18-09-2017 06:20

sounds like a great idea

by: jcfaulkner912
on: 17-09-2017 16:17

sounds like a great idea

by: katju6ka
on: 17-09-2017 10:29


by: zeebra1998
on: 16-09-2017 22:55

Great idea

by: damstupidlogin
on: 14-09-2017 10:50

Mmmm for some reason my smilies have turned into question marks very odd