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My giffgaff app notifications

By: methusan | 29-10-2014 23:25

If you have installed the mygiffgaff application on your phone, then there should be a feature whereby a notification is displayed for reasons such as when an agent has replied to your query or a reminder that your goodybag has now expired. This will keep members more informed and connected rather than having to check themselves by opening the app.


by: phill46
on: 03-12-2019 15:26

all good easy access

by: cms22
on: 23-11-2019 21:09

Great idea.

by: xkxex50
on: 30-10-2019 01:08

fantastic idea! X

by: linmaxwiz
on: 28-09-2019 09:03

great idea

by: smth2
on: 28-09-2019 08:48

Hope this idea implement soon

by: willdawson77
on: 02-09-2019 19:44

Definitely, or a notification (especially if you are currently using data), that you are heading below a certain point

by: p7dwy
on: 20-07-2019 10:38

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: atcforlyf24
on: 24-06-2019 03:31

I gef a 3day text alert and it's always done for me, like the idea of the widget tho.

by: vixen1969
on: 20-06-2019 17:48

this would be very useful

by: belin92779
on: 28-05-2019 17:01

Good idea.