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My giffgaff app notifications

By: methusan | 29-10-2014 23:25

If you have installed the mygiffgaff application on your phone, then there should be a feature whereby a notification is displayed for reasons such as when an agent has replied to your query or a reminder that your goodybag has now expired. This will keep members more informed and connected rather than having to check themselves by opening the app.


by: tonygiffgaff
on: 01-08-2018 14:47

sorry just submitted same idea , full support from me :)

by: iampeterpan
on: 01-08-2018 09:05

yeah I agree with this idea ???????? It would be very handy to get a notification when agents reply or your balence and data are running low and you risk using some of your airtime balance!! As I've had several occasions where a couple of pence is taken then I cant afford my goodie bag ????

by: charlottebright123
on: 31-07-2018 15:36


by: kirst72043
on: 30-07-2018 20:27

This is a great idea

by: muammeremin
on: 28-07-2018 22:48

This is a very good idea also a way of checking how much data I have without having to log into the app all the time and instead do getting a message I would much rather get a notification from the mygiffgaff app to inform me of how much data I have after I have lets say used 2gb from my goody bag or whatever depending on the goody bag you have.

by: abbysymes
on: 25-07-2018 21:58


by: sana_j19
on: 24-07-2018 08:10

good idea

by: kellybark37
on: 22-07-2018 12:17


by: sumeyasalim
on: 15-07-2018 22:38

wow that’s teally good

by: phippo01
on: 11-07-2018 17:35

i agree with this