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My giffgaff app notifications

By: methusan | 29-10-2014 23:25

If you have installed the mygiffgaff application on your phone, then there should be a feature whereby a notification is displayed for reasons such as when an agent has replied to your query or a reminder that your goodybag has now expired. This will keep members more informed and connected rather than having to check themselves by opening the app.


by: fiwill71
on: 29-06-2018 14:17

I agree

by: sana_j19
on: 26-06-2018 21:48

I agree

by: tommycurwen
on: 26-06-2018 20:52


by: kadim1
on: 24-06-2018 12:37

makes sense

Push notifications for items that need to run attention or action is a giod thing

Most apps do thatby default

by: katya_london
on: 14-09-2018 17:33


by: cprsjo
on: 24-06-2018 03:24

good one!

by: ryak1994
on: 24-06-2018 01:59

free data on fridays!!!

by: nickyheywood
on: 21-06-2018 22:36

definitely worth considering

by: katya_london
on: 14-09-2018 17:33


by: liniutee
on: 18-06-2018 12:16

good idea!!!

by: tids44
on: 17-06-2018 16:30

super idea I like it

by: christophersmith78
on: 17-06-2018 00:58

yes great