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My giffgaff app notifications

By: methusan | 29-10-2014 23:25

If you have installed the mygiffgaff application on your phone, then there should be a feature whereby a notification is displayed for reasons such as when an agent has replied to your query or a reminder that your goodybag has now expired. This will keep members more informed and connected rather than having to check themselves by opening the app.


by: erbe
on: 26-09-2017 09:28

The app should also have a wigdet where I can all the time see the remaining credit.

by: fos123ice
on: 15-02-2018 12:21

Execellent idea I agree

by: nickyheywood
on: 16-04-2018 22:48

Same I totally agree

by: bpg1970
on: 22-02-2018 18:47

What a brilliant idea,

by: johnapym
on: 06-03-2018 14:05

Good suggestion. let's us know.

by: adamtheant
on: 18-03-2018 23:31

Defo makes it a lot easier

by: peroba
on: 06-04-2018 12:59

7 month where are we if this idea? Definitely need remaining credit and DATA. I tend to run out to quickly this last months. Thanks for letting me know I used 80% of my data by text, but then I need to follow a link and so use more data to know how much is left. Not great at all!

by: tonyregan
on: 16-04-2018 22:43

Yeah totally love the idea ... sometimes I don't get the text to remind me.

by: tids
on: 07-05-2018 08:35

This would be a lovley edition to it

by: aurielia17
on: 09-06-2018 07:40

Yes I agree. It’s a brilliant idea.

by: liamhjelavic9
on: 09-06-2018 15:42

Defo a good idea

by: jacka40
on: 17-06-2018 11:57

I feel there should be more options in the app such as my orders.

by: am2916
on: 23-06-2018 09:24

A fantastic idea

by: amoses72
on: 27-06-2018 08:51

Totally agree

by: dawhiley
on: 08-07-2018 21:12

Great idea

by: muammeremin
on: 28-07-2018 22:46

Great idea

by: matamatas
on: 30-08-2018 09:56

I definitely agree

by: michaelnaughton1
on: 05-09-2018 07:47

Seems a good idea

by: emlf21
on: 29-12-2019 11:17

This should be implemented!

by: annwright64
on: 08-12-2017 02:35

Great idea

by: susi8
on: 26-12-2017 15:53

That’s a good idea, makes it easier to stay informed.

by: klaudzia1
on: 22-02-2018 19:25


by: lifeinfull
on: 03-10-2017 21:53

good idea, knowledge is power. needs some sensible control over notifications. i like the widget/HUD idea

by: nickyheywood
on: 11-08-2018 13:06

yep me to

by: jason1973tess
on: 13-12-2018 17:48

. Yeah they should give you access to delete your old ideas and comments

by: gcase64
on: 12-08-2019 19:05

@jason1973tess..Agreed.We should be given the option to be able to delete.You should have put this forward as an idea itself.You would get my vote and support.

by: gmgir19
on: 08-03-2020 02:54

Love the idea!

by: hcs22
on: 20-02-2020 06:56

Good idea, I like it.

by: jesi23
on: 15-02-2020 01:09

At the moment, you receive a text message telling you your goodybag is about to expire, and another one when it has expired reminding you that you are now using your credit to pay for everything.

Of course, if you are actually calling/texting another giffgaff member, and you have topped up or bought a goodybag within the last 93 days, you will continue to have those texts and calls (up to 1hr at a time) free.

It still makes sense to have a notification pop up if you are using ‘My giffgaff’ as you might not be checking your emails or texts regularly!

by: rites61
on: 13-02-2020 18:49

Fully supported

by: doddy62
on: 01-02-2020 07:39

this would be useful as i don't watch my phone as much as maybe i should

by: jesi23
on: 27-01-2020 13:04

having a notification ‘popup’ when app closed could be very helpful to alert to need to Action.