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A giffgaff means of PHONE UNLOCKING!

By: jon_birkbeck | 01-10-2014 10:36

Yo. I love giffgaff. It's the cheapest and best phone supplier I've ever been with. (Probably the best because it's the cheapest...) But that's because I have a brick! A Nokia brick thing that cost me peanuts from TakesEverySmallCompanyOver. (copyright:JonBirkbeck)

My problem: I want to get EVERYONE involved with giffgaff too! This means I don't gotta spend money contacting them. ~ You may have guessed by now; I'm a skin flint, but we have to be in this day and age, no? (discussion for another thread) ~ SO! My ma and Pa. Ordered them SIMs from GG, and was very excited! "Going to get a nice ten bob (new modern term for pound - embrace it) for enabling new GG members!" But did it work out? DID IT HECK!

My mum's brick rejected the giffgaff SIM, DESPITE THE FACT IT WAS A NOKIA! and so when I went to ask some phone dude how much it would cost to unlock he said, "8 pounds." Not bad, I said, so I took him the phone. "Oh, nah, that's 15 pounds." WHAT?! So I gave up. What's the use in spending that much on a brick my ma never uses?! (Side note: she would use it if on giffgaff) Flippin' cheek! It's orange, that's what it is! Evil company they are, even though it is a fantastic colour (opinion).

SOLUTION: Giffgaff phone unlocking. I don't know how - because I am not technical - but you guys are! So please! Enable our cheap bricks to say goodbye to their former slave masters and embrace the new and fresh freedom of the mighty Giff and or Gaff!

Jon out.



by: shahz87600
on: 07-06-2020 09:50


by: dawn2906
on: 24-03-2020 04:36

excellent !

by: mijthebarber
on: 14-03-2020 09:41

Will thought out

by: muddycalhoun
on: 19-02-2020 17:31

Only six votes and in implemented?

This is a bit of a mystery in the implemented section for another reason, does Giffgaff marking this implemented mean that anyone can get their handsets locked to networks other than O2 unlocked or the unlocking codes straight from Giffgaff and by the implication of the suggestion for free or a nominal fee ???

(a lot less than the £15 that causes such consternation)

I wonder how it works if true, wonder if this is n accepted solution for answering H&S questions about unlocking phones to use with a new SIM?


I can't believe this suggestion only attracted four comments (even though it is poorly supported) one of which was my original comment from 18months ago, often suggestions get more pasted comments from one of the paste and repeat types.

by: pippa26045
on: 09-09-2019 23:17

I got my Samsung Galaxy phone and I am never off it and I'm so chuffed about the 40 GB for £20 top idea I've tried to get friends and family to change to giffgaff but they are like oh no I'm not going on a network where I can't talk to a person. I say giffgaff run by the best people and I laugh when they run out of data its like well I'm stocked up and loving it ???????????????

by: bertiebat
on: 09-09-2019 16:56

This has recently been marked as implemented, so does this mean giffgaff has implemented unlocking phone from other networks. Since no explanation has been posted it's difficult to know?

by: adamtheant
on: 05-07-2019 10:13

good luck

by: muddycalhoun
on: 22-10-2018 10:36

I don't know if it is a recent thing, I don't think so, the provider of the network a phone is locked into has to unblock it if requested and I don't think that there is a charge but would be happy to be corrected if wrong.