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Real world projects with payback instead of charity donations

By: stephenmiller | 08-09-2014 22:26

This popped into my head literally just a couple of minutes ago and I'm going to refine / brainstorm it as I write so bear with me.


This was inspired by a company (Red Hat) who do projects in their local area, volunteers donate their time and the company throws in a few bones. I thought that this 'corporate responsibiliy' or 'social good' could be applied to giffgaff, perhaps they could maybe fix up a playground in Uxbridge. Now that in itself is a neat idea but takes a very internalised view of the company supporting its local area, for giffgaff the company is expanded beyond Uxbridge in the form of a distributed online community. What about if instead of these volunteer acts carried out in Uxbridge they could be done where members think they should and need to be done?


I've come up with a few notes;


  • First people submit projects. It could be fixing up a local park, donating computers to a club or a day out for an old folks home or respite home
  • The community then votes on the project. I dislike the idea of a popularity contest though so if anyone has any better way then I'd live to hear it
  • The payback that would ordinarily go to charity would be a good way to finance it, even the possibility of split payback f you still want the legacy charity donation
  • It's not unthinkable that other members could volunteer but then you might have things like liability and insurance to worry about

Perks are:


  • A more hands on approach from giffgaff than the typically abstracted charity donation route.
  • it's a pretty strong show of giffgaff and the community supporting each other in ways that far surpass any that giffgaff has done so far.
  • Good press; Virtual operator does good in the real world. Members at the heart of giffgaff etc



  • The selection criteria I haven't nailed yet. Voting on good causes is extremely tacky, especially when there's potentially people you might have spoken to regularly involved.
  • That's all I have so far, this is still pretty fresh in the head so haven't given a huge amount of thought to the negative side.

All thoughts and contributions are welcome :smileyhappy:


by: p7dwy
on: 14-05-2019 16:05

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: ukrun
on: 01-03-2019 13:53


by: annette927
on: 14-02-2019 15:30

I absolutely love this idea!!!

by: mezeit
on: 01-02-2019 20:41

Bang on, thanks for a delightful idea.

by: jason1973tess
on: 01-02-2019 15:00

it's a great idea at least all the members can at least see where all the charity money go into 100% in

by: nannyphilo
on: 25-01-2019 20:53

I agree, we run a local support group under the national charity’s umbrella, but because it is not well known, not advertised due to it’s sensitive nature (supporting bereaved parents) it is difficult to raise funds for local projects, so 100% yes

by: pwincess2k13
on: 27-11-2018 04:08

A very big YES

by: kimchi
on: 08-10-2018 16:41

see this is a brilliant idea. Real world projects that the progress of which can be seen and voted on supported

by: ellieclarke1989
on: 24-09-2018 15:45

I like this idea. I hope it works. I like anything to help people.

by: chaaaan
on: 09-03-2019 10:22

Me too

by: gvmhb
on: 24-08-2018 17:02

A well thought out idea. I like it :)