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WiFi on the Underground: a possibility?

By: rhelan | 28-08-2014 23:51

Hi all,


It has come to my attention, now that Three has joined the list of other mobile networks which can access Virgin Media's WiFi on the London Underground, including o2. With this in mind, would it be possible to add giffgaff to the list? I'm running out of reasons not to switch to Three these days.




by: nyne2k
on: 06-09-2017 23:12

Its the way forward and I think Giff Gaff shoukd do this yesterday

by: as7861
on: 04-12-2017 21:07

Hi @nyne2k It already happens see this guide ;) - https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Using-giffgaff/WiFi-with-giffgaff/ta-p/19688961 The idea shows as Implemented as well :) Awesome.

by: tracyalf
on: 09-09-2017 09:06

yes please

by: khanlodhi
on: 12-08-2017 15:37

Great Idea! Also I would love to see service working underground when using Mobile Data

by: natmcc96
on: 23-09-2017 11:00

definitely agree

by: jameel195
on: 07-09-2017 20:09

good idea for long journey rudes

by: ismaelftw
on: 04-12-2017 21:04

I. Agree

by: ismaelftw
on: 04-12-2017 21:04

I. Agree

by: rachnaprianka
on: 03-12-2017 23:56

Great idea

by: jeaster1
on: 28-11-2017 19:33

Has this happened?

by: as7861
on: 04-12-2017 00:48

Hi jeater1 Yep it has indeed here- https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Using-giffgaff/WiFi-with-giffgaff/ta-p/19688961

by: annikalpb
on: 27-11-2017 18:37