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WiFi on the Underground: a possibility?

By: rhelan | 28-08-2014 23:51

Hi all,


It has come to my attention, now that Three has joined the list of other mobile networks which can access Virgin Media's WiFi on the London Underground, including o2. With this in mind, would it be possible to add giffgaff to the list? I'm running out of reasons not to switch to Three these days.




by: jv_19
on: 30-05-2017 18:27

Great idea! 1+

by: kevint1974
on: 19-05-2017 11:20

I live in London and Wifi on the underground is not great, you can only use it on platform, not on the tube whilst it's moving. I think it's not worth implementing as not everyone lives or uses the tube. It could be worked as an add-on.

by: sibtahmed
on: 05-05-2017 20:32


by: timwilliams25
on: 22-04-2017 22:39

Good idea but will lead to even more zombiesk people on the tubes.  I think it quite nice to enter a network free area - nobody can pester you for anything for that short period in time..... just me, myself and I

by: hi2u_uk
on: 17-04-2017 11:24

I thought that my phone already connected automatically to london underground wifi though to be honest i have never checked what provider it connected to. I dont understand why giff gaff people cant connect to the o2 service

by: leshin
on: 04-04-2017 22:32

Click on o2 and it should work

by: sidrah100
on: 16-03-2017 10:42

Giffagaff users were able to connect to the virgin media wifi on the tube by selecting 02 as their provider and entering their giffgaff number.  However now it doesn't seem to work for new users and new phones - despite creating an 02 wifi account and using 02 wifi hotspots . It just doesn't let you connect anymore !!

so yes great idea :)

by: defraybo2
on: 11-03-2017 21:34

It's a good idea but not always practical by way of how giffgaff pay for the bandwidth and lose it in there charges or charge extra for the service, although I would think it should be possible to link it through the 02 service with some good negotiating skills on giffgaff''s behalf.

Like all trailblazing company start ups giffgaff have become the company to usurp, the company at the top of the league all other startups aim to beat. The list of virtual providers grows by the day, some are doing well some are falling be the wayside some are breaking even, but giffgaff has a certainty about it,  its reliable, good value, competitive, ethical, under the users own control, has the best backup forum on the Internet, and has no ball and chain entrapment's to tie you up to a dreamy twelve or eighteen months contract that ultimately dissapoint's and leaves you angry and locked up in a network cell you can't escape.

Giffgaff are still at the top of the league and I believe the way it operates will keep it there for quite a while but fending off the none league business battlers will get harder there are a lot of long term giffgaff members looking at some of the offers with a happy squint in their eye.


by: egglassa
on: 06-03-2017 16:26

You can already. Login aa o2

by: traelkom
on: 12-02-2017 08:31

already gave this idea a year ago...