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The new £15 unlimited data goodybag should be open to all not just existing members

By: bluemoonbaz | 21-08-2014 11:21

original-1.pngAfter the recent consultation over goodybags the new ones are above.
I think although I'm happy with the new £15 unlimited data goodybag it should be open to everyone not just existing members as this will deter new members joining and separate members which is not what giffgaff are about

No segregation of the membership

If you agree please support this idea

Link to statement



by: alphadomino1211
on: 17-05-2019 11:14

It's about time, been watching them to implement this for what seems like an agf.

by: davidrh1962
on: 05-01-2019 16:24

If this has been implemented, why can't I find the same Goodybags when I go to "Choose a plan"?

by: gcase64
on: 13-05-2019 14:16

Did you look at the date this was posted ?. Now I don't know exactly when this was implemented but prices and what you get for them has changed.

by: rofiqulbary
on: 29-12-2018 10:50

I agree with it.

by: sharonalye
on: 18-12-2018 23:21

ooh I like that a lot.

by: rafi693
on: 10-12-2018 18:54

unlimited data super

by: jidstone
on: 03-11-2018 18:43

unlimited data is a Must. It should be free as standard.

by: harleysheldon
on: 24-10-2018 01:41

I agree with this

by: jaker57
on: 14-10-2018 10:13

I agree.

by: bobrobinson
on: 29-09-2018 03:28

I havnt the option to have that bag

by: ambergordon456
on: 21-09-2018 17:59

This is a great idea