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Promoting the HELP section & self help

By: cps15966 | 21-08-2014 07:53

Good morning gaffers,

I had a thought this morning, most of the answers to people's questions about setting, problems, faults etc are readily available through the help section and other posts from times gone by via the 'help' section. The problem is that people don't use this as much as they could/should and their first instinct is to raise a new post asking for help when the answers are already there available for them.

I think that highlighting the help section in different areas will help promote the use of what is a valuable database of information. If you click on the 'community' drop down, it's there at the bottom of the page, however I think a lot of people don't use that to get onto the post pages and use the 'join the community' button on the dashboard page.

So the idea.... simple really, one of the following.....

1. have an extra button under the 'join the community' button to take you straight to the help section



2. when you click on the 'join the community' button, it firstly takes you to the 'Help' section but with a larger button option on there saying something like 'Continue to the community pages', but in doing this, it would possibly make people think to use the help section first and then post their questions on the community pages if they cannot find the answer.


Also there are a lot of other things that would benefit the people that help and are ideas that have been suggested before but never got anywhere, i.e. on the posting form, being forced to put your phone make and model etc.

Anyway, that's the idea, maybe it's a bit basic but i just think the highlghting of the tools available to people (especially newcomers who don't know the site) can only benefit gg, the people that help members and better the user experience. It will reduce those posts where people are obviously frustrated to the point of distraction



by: nickyheywood
on: 20-11-2019 19:19


by: p7dwy
on: 25-04-2019 21:16

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: muddycalhoun
on: 19-10-2018 10:50

this is the best way but just like people who get new tech how many stop to read the instructions before turning it on and starting trial and error method