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free voicemail with or without credit

By: lawarcbur79 | 31-07-2014 10:14

i think we should receive our voicemails free with or without credit as long as you have topped up in the last 3 months, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a call and you have used up all your mins, i think this could give giffgaff another edge again in the market.


by: pringler
on: 29-05-2015 10:06

This ought to be a free service regardless of network, since it is such a basic function of mobile phones. I was thinking about this recently when I missed a call about a job interview and couldn't check my voicemail because I didn't have any credit. Thanks for bringing it up!

by: neoginger
on: 29-05-2015 08:21
Its could be great!!Marvelous idea...?
by: sallyesmithson
on: 29-05-2015 08:14


Would definitely support this idea.

by: lesley_margaret
on: 29-05-2015 07:53

I hope you will implement this, it would be a big help. I've been trying to turn off voicemail in the meantime but can't: the instructions perhaps only apply to smartphones, which mine isn't.

by: csingleton
on: 29-05-2015 06:49

This is an excellent idea.

by: deimiangd
on: 28-05-2015 23:20

I was waiting for this couple of years, thanks for bringing it up!!!!  :)

by: gordie10
on: 28-05-2015 22:14

Better still, just make it free without caveats - i.e. regardless of whether you've topped up in the last 3 months or not.

by: modinic
on: 28-05-2015 17:07
Marvelous idea!
by: charl39231
on: 27-06-2018 11:48

Hello everyone my name is Charles E Duhaney when I got my Giffgaff SIM but I paid £20 but didn't come into my account but second time I top up it was £25 but haven't got my new phone so I can't ring or text people do when I going new phone so thank you

by: slyloki
on: 19-10-2018 12:13

I concur. I can't understand this statement.

by: stewpot51
on: 21-09-2018 16:16

I've read this statement several times and I still can't understand what you are talking about would you like to read what you have written and perhaps rewrite it

by: reece59713
on: 20-10-2018 13:47


by: amandahclark
on: 06-12-2018 13:51

Yeah I'm rather confused.

by: fmccann
on: 11-05-2018 09:38

great idea