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free voicemail with or without credit

By: lawarcbur79 | 31-07-2014 10:14

i think we should receive our voicemails free with or without credit as long as you have topped up in the last 3 months, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a call and you have used up all your mins, i think this could give giffgaff another edge again in the market.


by: chhamg
on: 20-03-2020 21:38

voice mail or message for every one

by: chhamg
on: 20-03-2020 21:35

voice mail or sending message receive is good for every one

by: wendylady1955
on: 03-03-2020 23:42

Definitely be good for giffgaff to introduce this please

by: welshdragon1971
on: 01-03-2020 02:51

"Voicemail is free if you have a pin number set up. All u need too do is phone yourself wait for voicemail too kick in them press * then your pin number then Jay presro your in . its as simple as tha"

This knowledge should be readily available & easy to access on GG website, maybe in our accounts section...

by: goosylucy
on: 25-02-2020 21:19

I agree with this I know that you can phone your own number but if you have no way of doing so then you have to wait until you next top up

by: jamesknewtogiffgaff
on: 18-02-2020 17:46

I had free voicemail with Vodafone, Lyca Mobile, 3 and O2. I think GiffGaff should definitely include it with All Goody bags. After all we have unlimited texts and calls. How is a call to your voicemail any different.

by: welshdragon1971
on: 01-03-2020 02:54

As GG is on the O2 platform, then it should be as standard imho...

by: pmcbr39
on: 18-02-2020 16:39

If your on a recurring plan YES I agree

by: rites61
on: 13-02-2020 18:44

I agree

by: gerdy35
on: 07-02-2020 06:22

yes please ????

by: peterdbsc
on: 24-01-2020 17:08

This is a good idea.

Charging for voicemail makes members feel cheated and is bad for Gg image.

I didn't realise there was a charge before switching to Gg. I've never been charged by any other network, albeit I've always previously been on 12 month contracts.