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free voicemail with or without credit

By: lawarcbur79 | 31-07-2014 10:14

i think we should receive our voicemails free with or without credit as long as you have topped up in the last 3 months, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a call and you have used up all your mins, i think this could give giffgaff another edge again in the market.


by: dale3240
on: 22-09-2017 09:22

This is a great Idea,they let us call Giffgaff to Giffgaff so why not our Voicemail,is it not Giffgaff ...?????

by: sense101
on: 20-02-2018 16:11

Could not agree more perfectly fair!!

by: sureyay
on: 25-02-2018 18:11

I've always been against the fact that mobile networks charge for you for voicemail cause you can't choose how many people call you. I removed my voicemail.

by: podgee421
on: 25-02-2018 09:12


by: duanemc
on: 25-02-2018 08:22

I totally agree with your suggestion.


by: 1logan2
on: 24-02-2018 17:33

I support the idea... Do this and you can be guaranteed with good deals and salient network provision, more customers noticing and taking you up on your offer.

by: stephaniejtroman
on: 24-02-2018 15:44

I normal have credit there are at times when I forget to top up, so yes that would be good idea when I've no credit left.

by: rosiepirana
on: 23-02-2018 18:54

Yep! I agree

by: jess250495
on: 23-02-2018 08:26

brilliant idea

by: portia1965
on: 22-02-2018 15:33

Brilliant idea!!!!

by: wils007
on: 22-02-2018 12:32

great idea