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Non Expiring Data Sim

By: borg42 | 29-06-2014 20:48

I think this would be a fairer way of operating the gigabags. The product is sold on the basis of the amount of data. presumably GiffGaff would be happy for me to use the amount of data on my gigabag within the specified time. So if I've paid for that amount of data I should be allowed to use it all however long it takes.

I'm sure if I used all my allowance i a week GiffGaff would be more than happy to let me purchase another.

Come on GiffGaff step up and provide a product nobody else is. I'm sure you would have floods of tablet and low usage users flocking to buy your data sims. :smileyhappy:



by: merlin311067
on: 07-10-2019 10:29

if this is a great Idea WHICH I to think it is why is it in the Not For Us section and not implimented?

by: makin75
on: 06-10-2019 22:30

Great idea! Using all of the data you pay for until it is used up.

by: ainsl76
on: 06-10-2019 10:24

I agree, it also makes more sense!

This is my "First Time" using Giffgaff, and I gotta say I was a wee bit surprised, at how much data, etc.

I was getting less for half the price I was paying for with another network!

So, go on & make it happen!????

by: ryanmacleod
on: 04-10-2019 23:39

If you're always ending up with unused data then your obviously buying the wrong goody bag.

by: jade24louise
on: 04-10-2019 03:51

I agree of you've paid for it, then it's yours until you've used it up or it rolls over.

by: jgell55
on: 03-10-2019 22:00

I think the remaining balance should be added after you purchase a new goodybag

by: joann91919
on: 25-09-2019 20:59


by: samanthadavy1986
on: 24-09-2019 20:13

defiantly this is a brill idea

by: danielnicula
on: 24-09-2019 19:27

report data for next month

by: ponte43
on: 22-09-2019 14:54

I agree with this one and it would be helpful to save your data now for later use. So user can better plan there data usage when at home and use it when traveling