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Non Expiring Data Sim

By: borg42 | 29-06-2014 20:48

I think this would be a fairer way of operating the gigabags. The product is sold on the basis of the amount of data. presumably GiffGaff would be happy for me to use the amount of data on my gigabag within the specified time. So if I've paid for that amount of data I should be allowed to use it all however long it takes.

I'm sure if I used all my allowance i a week GiffGaff would be more than happy to let me purchase another.

Come on GiffGaff step up and provide a product nobody else is. I'm sure you would have floods of tablet and low usage users flocking to buy your data sims. :smileyhappy:



by: axle_69
on: 02-05-2019 02:09

That's a good point about paying for a certain amount of data you should be able to use it at whatever rate you like..

If you bought a bar of chocolate and didn't eat all of it in a month and then the local shop took what you had left you wouldn't be happy. Losing everything left in your goodybag is the same. Lots of mobile companies offer roleover on PAYG. But it's not possible if you have unlimited on your goodybag. Which could be the reason we don't get it

by: jsarson1976
on: 01-05-2019 01:22

Really like the idea.

by: markm87363
on: 21-04-2019 17:39

yes it should be rolled over .its been purchased and is your property effectively it’s theft

by: roise05
on: 21-04-2019 13:39

Great idea. 1+

by: emmac08014
on: 18-04-2019 19:48

totally agree

by: oldskoolr4eva
on: 17-04-2019 03:14

im kinda new 2 giffgaff and I've just asked this exact question as Iv used less than half of my data from my goodybag,, which runs out in 48 hours meaning I'll have to pay Out for ANOTHER ONE, Which I feel is unfair as due to my health deteriorating I'm already literally struggling to just survive without having to add credit unnecessarily

by: peter03306
on: 16-04-2019 05:55

I agree as a devoted Giffgaff user

by: peter03306
on: 16-04-2019 05:55

I agree as a devoted Giffgaff user

by: tanya_osborne69
on: 15-04-2019 08:37

I agree.

by: joshmeades
on: 13-04-2019 13:15

I agree with this, any bundle £10 and above should include unlimited internet