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Non Expiring Data Sim

By: borg42 | 29-06-2014 20:48

I think this would be a fairer way of operating the gigabags. The product is sold on the basis of the amount of data. presumably GiffGaff would be happy for me to use the amount of data on my gigabag within the specified time. So if I've paid for that amount of data I should be allowed to use it all however long it takes.

I'm sure if I used all my allowance i a week GiffGaff would be more than happy to let me purchase another.

Come on GiffGaff step up and provide a product nobody else is. I'm sure you would have floods of tablet and low usage users flocking to buy your data sims. :smileyhappy:



by: srunderwood
on: 18-03-2018 10:30

I agree absolutely. From the user's perspective, we want to buy something and have it available until we have used it. Data or phone minutes should not time expire. I can see that it might add risk to GiffGaff's accounting but I would not be averse to a small connection charge so that you keep your income coming in to cover your fixed overheads, and then sell data and minutes that never expire.

Someone else's comment that it would have customers flocking to you is credible. Certainly I would suit my usage. Be bold GiffGaff and stay ahead of the pack.

by: daddyrich
on: 18-03-2018 07:53

Carrying over data is a great idea, it's just a shame giffgaff are behind the curve on this. Other carriers are already offering this as standard.

by: blue1212
on: 06-05-2018 22:22

Well spotted

by: annelie
on: 15-06-2019 00:10

The idea has more votes than others which have been implemented, they won't do it though as they'd loose money. I think the whole 'run by you' slogan is just that, there's no substance behind it. I'll be moving my main phone to another provider soon. Giffgaff used to offer unequaled deals but others now offer more.

by: bobhe57
on: 20-11-2019 12:58

This would be a good selling point.

by: yout38
on: 19-11-2019 17:48

That's a great idea ????

by: cogde64
on: 14-11-2019 16:48

Data that does not expire would be amazing in sure every one else would like that to

by: vee5g17
on: 13-11-2019 22:44

Im here because of another network claiming I had used 120gb of data in 3 days which was obviously wrong ????. then I found you guys


by: amerj21
on: 13-11-2019 18:05

well, im here in 2019! We are now going to see a extending of the amount of data given as they will double it!

by: martina4959dx
on: 13-11-2019 17:46

would be nice just to have unlimited data sim as standard

by: postcapitalist
on: 13-11-2019 17:15

Totally this!

by: norri56
on: 13-11-2019 07:31

roll over is an excellent idea as I have this as a second phone