Leave a legacy.

Non Expiring Data Sim

By: borg42 | 29-06-2014 20:48

I think this would be a fairer way of operating the gigabags. The product is sold on the basis of the amount of data. presumably GiffGaff would be happy for me to use the amount of data on my gigabag within the specified time. So if I've paid for that amount of data I should be allowed to use it all however long it takes.

I'm sure if I used all my allowance i a week GiffGaff would be more than happy to let me purchase another.

Come on GiffGaff step up and provide a product nobody else is. I'm sure you would have floods of tablet and low usage users flocking to buy your data sims. :smileyhappy:



by: bullphit
on: 08-10-2017 09:08

Sounds good

by: leshin
on: 07-10-2017 21:25

Like it

by: grahamjones2
on: 01-10-2017 18:19

I've been looking for an alternative sim that offers this service, I want to keep my number regardless of whether I use it or not and I want to top up with £10.00 and know it doesn't have a use by date

by: vanthomas
on: 25-09-2017 22:38

I think is good idea, more and more gadgets now 'wants' data sim card and will be handy to have the data whenever needed and not to pay extra for 'sleep mode'. Not just tablets, there are weather stations, GPS trackers - people starting to use them for kids too and even for pets - they don't use too much data but they need to be online ...i'm sure this will attract loads of 'Security' Shops selling that kind of gadgets ;-)

by: kathleen414
on: 25-09-2017 14:55

You have my support on this idea

by: fudgietwo
on: 25-09-2017 14:50

I already buy 20gb cards from another company that I have 12 months to use from date of commencement. So much easier if you are out and about and your laptop usage varies from month to month. If giffgaff were to do similar I would certainly buy them.

by: bluemoonbaz
on: 17-09-2017 15:19

Yes from me

by: tinaashworth6i
on: 14-09-2017 22:24

Best idea yet

by: gloriousiam
on: 18-08-2017 21:24

That is an awesome idea.

by: ste18205
on: 29-06-2016 08:16

What a brillant idea, please do this!