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Text confirmation of number transfer request

By: nevio | 09-06-2014 15:40

As someone who had their giffgaff number transferred without my knowledge as part of a bank scam, I think it is important that greater security measures are put in place to prevent accounts being high jacked.

When I add a new recipient to my bank account, I get a text message from my bank requiring me to confirm the online request. The same thing happens when I make an online request to make a payment.

My number was high jacked while I was abroad and transferred to a different account. This meant I was not alerted to a fraudulent withdrawal.

If giffgaff had sent me a text alerting me to the number transfer request and asking me to confirm it, then the fraudsters would have been unable take the money.

Banks take the view that you are more likely to have your online account hacked, as my giffgaff account was, than your mobile stolen and so use text messages and other mobile communication as a second level of security.

It is crucial that giffgaff adopt similar procedures.


by: s_pat
on: 11-12-2015 14:42

I like this idea. Supported.

by: alix81
on: 22-11-2015 10:55

Supporting this.

by: dan_the_man
on: 24-10-2015 22:08

Sounds good - official confirmation that a genuine transfer has started - "sorry to see you go" etc. Shortlink if "Changed your mind? Didn't ask to transfer out your number?" - I think adding SMS notification to an email in the port-out flow is a win-win.

by: jeff_elephant
on: 28-09-2015 12:43

This is a good idea, as it notifies users if their account is highjacked, or confirms their number transfer request as expected. This should be simple to implement.

by: dvs22
on: 09-09-2015 10:08

Makes sense to me

by: ripbox
on: 20-08-2015 07:33
The limit i believe to be safeguarding to stop accidentally is in my opinion a must however 5mb or 5min is a little too higher hurdle to i feel the limit should be reviewed rather than abolished or some other safeguard to make clear what is about to happen
by: sarahbanahnah
on: 08-08-2015 11:27

True mate. It would make sense to do so

by: claw
on: 06-08-2015 16:58

Makes sense! 

by: brianwilson1
on: 23-07-2015 11:31

Good idea. I get a text also from my bank. They don't need you to 'confirm' and GG wouldn't need this either. Surely we could take responsibility to contact GG if an action had taken place that was not done by us.

by: leshin
on: 21-07-2015 23:17

I cant believe this isnt done already. Other networks already do this, like when I transfered to giffgaff from another network