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Using GiffGaff Abroad

By: rydedude | 09-06-2014 11:19

An article in yesterday's Mail on Sunday reported the excellent news that Three now allow the use of inclusive minutes, texts and data outside the UK. They have just added the US to a list of 16 destinations.

Virgin Media have launched an app which allows customers to use inclusive minutes while abroad.

I hope that this is also being explored by GiffGaff and that we may soon have the same service extended to us.


by: mijthebarber
on: 20-12-2015 07:33

Some sort of slightly cheaper traveling costs would be awesome

by: mabs013
on: 13-12-2015 22:53

I have just come back from a few days in France, with day trips to Brugge & Ghent and was very jealous of sister in law who is on 3 sending & receiving texts calls & being able to use data as if she was in the UK.By using gg it cost me around £9;00 which is such a shame as I have never used all of my allowance in my Goodybag in nearly three years of being on gg..........This is a great idea.

by: s_pat
on: 11-12-2015 14:43

EU Roaming will be eliminated in 2017 so there's less need for these ideas / solutions.

by: amsza
on: 28-11-2015 11:47

this is a great idea


by: pols56
on: 25-11-2015 19:42

I would vote for this, would be great giff gaff did this.

by: jtemplar
on: 25-11-2015 13:41

It's going to come in eventually, at least for EU member states, so why not get ahead of the game.

by: whsetl
on: 10-11-2015 07:38

This is the only thing that wrong with giffgaff at the moment , you can send way to much money

if you want ot keep in touch with people while your away abroad .

by: fyncie
on: 21-10-2015 13:38

This would really make GiffGaff the top dog!!!

by: sherri36
on: 17-10-2015 11:44

I'm a travelling and would love the idea of having a giff gaff international sim, that i could keep the same number but go across many boards but possible using bundles packages instead of the prics airtime credit, or using uk budles aboard. I know there is prices system from calls from uk, but are giff gaff going design a roaming sims that will pick up many signal but have standard. pricing or u can pick like carrbiean bundle or south east asia bundle, etc etc. 

by: kevincunno
on: 02-10-2015 10:06

Got my vote we can only hope and pray giffgaff follow suit and offer something similar