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Unanswered Posts tab

By: silvercentral | 26-05-2014 22:49

It's happened once or twice that I posted a question and I got no answer whatsoever. Not even someone saying "I don't know". Naturally I was quite disappointed, but I realise maybe it wasn't the right time of the day or the right person just wasn't online at that moment to see it. My question then got crowded out into oblivion by all the newer posts.

My idea is: Can we have an extra "Unanswered Posts" tab (something like the "New Ideas" tab), so that every post gets a chance to be answered?
Thank you


Edited to quote @blackfive460  comment: "on some forums that I've used, it is possible to sort threads in various ways by clicking a column heading. If it were made possible to click on the 'Replies' heading to do an ascending sort, posts with no replies would appear at the top rather than have the list ordered by latest posts."


by: footballfanatic2014
on: 28-10-2015 07:52
Excellent idea here both of you
by: kevincunno
on: 01-10-2015 09:07

This sounds like a really sensible idea which in the long run will help our fellow members got my vote 

by: jeff_elephant
on: 28-09-2015 12:41

This is a really good idea. You just need to decide after how long a period does a Help & Support post move into the Unanswered Posts Tab. Should it be a few hours (2-3hrs vs 12/24 hours)?

by: dannyownz
on: 20-09-2015 23:20

very very good idea :)

by: piplisa
on: 20-09-2015 09:05

i like this idea  ask some people do get unanswered

by: ma2013
on: 09-08-2015 12:25

Good idea, no drowning out of important questions. This happened to one of my posts when I first started, I had to comment on my own question to "bring it back up to the top" of the forum. Kudos!

by: sarahbanahnah
on: 06-08-2015 19:42

I agree with your idea

by: fadyyasin
on: 27-06-2015 10:19

I m completely amazed that you have seen an unanswered quires on forum as i never see the post never been answered as sometimes reply may be late for 20 minutes but I don’t think so that we need a separate link for unanswered queries