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Make the minimum top-up £5

By: saadiyahk | 06-05-2014 13:47

Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.


by: p7dwy
on: 09-06-2015 16:36

I think being able to top-up with just £5 is a good idea!

You can already buy a £5 goodybag so why not a £5 top-up?

by: cim
on: 08-06-2015 10:29

I was under the impression that the argument against this was that every transaction however small has a cost to gg and accepting micro payments is more costly to gg as a proportion of revenue so would push profits down or prices up?

by: bluemoonbaz
on: 08-06-2015 00:24
Don't think it's possible but I do agree with the idea so it's a yes for me
by: william_knapman
on: 06-06-2015 20:50

I agree in principle that the top up amount should be any amount - the minimum £ 10 and keep the change attitud doesn't fit with what giffgaff purports to be

by: philiplittle40
on: 06-06-2015 13:20

This is often raised. My understanding is that this is an O2 restriction and as such there isn't anything that giffgaff can do to offer £5 credit topups. 

by: peterpiper2
on: 05-06-2015 10:40

None of the above comments mention this, but you can purchase a £5 goodybag *without* buying £10 in credit. 

1. Go to   www.giffgaff.com/buy/goodybag 

2. select the £5 Goodybag

3. select "I only need a Goodybag"

You can then pay for the £5 Goodybag with either Giffgaff credit or a debit card.


Note that if you want to text or call internationally, you would have to have credit on your account, so in that case it would be better to top up with £10, and apply £5 of that for the goodybag.





by: 1_
on: 05-06-2015 02:23

Nice. Even though I top up £10 but it would be good to have the flexibility.

by: william_knapman
on: 03-06-2015 20:19


by: william_knapman
on: 03-06-2015 20:19


by: william_knapman
on: 03-06-2015 20:19

Quite agree with the idea - where else would you have a slate where they round up to the nearest tenner?

The terms and conditions are essentially designed to keep the change if you leave (presumably usually because you have just had a poor experience) which for many is doubltess and insult added to injury at that time.