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Make the minimum top-up £5

By: saadiyahk | 06-05-2014 13:47

Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.


by: ma2013
on: 29-08-2015 19:14
Yes, a much needed thing on giffgaff (you can top up £5 on 3). Supported! :-)
by: joolzian
on: 29-08-2015 18:38

I think this has been suggested many, many times. If you search you will find some , it is better to support an existing idea.

by: luciesanderson
on: 28-08-2015 15:48

Yes please. I am on giffgaff, and so are my husband, my brother, sister, and parents. Basically I only ever ring all of them (which is free for 3 months after top up), and send a few texts to other people. I am on wifi at home and at work and so rarely use 3G. Like the previous commenter, I get to the end of the 3 months and then have to spend all the credit before topping up again. I would be disappointed to recieve only 6 weeks free from £5 rather than 3 months - that wouldn't make any difference to me.

by: premierphotosuk
on: 26-08-2015 03:22

Supported to help push this through, as I feel this will benefit many that only use airtime credit.

by: aileenamy
on: 25-08-2015 09:17

 100% agree with this, I understand why we're asked to top up £10 when we register but after that 5 pounds seems completely reasonable, especially for those who don't use their phones very much. 

by: akh48
on: 21-08-2015 23:07

I agree as £10 lasts me for 4/5 months and then I finish up having to pay for my giff gaff to giff gaff calls.  With a £5 top up this wouldnt happen.

by: navvy
on: 13-08-2015 10:08

Would be needed if airtime credit expires, but it doesn't. Being able to add an exact amount above £10 would be more useful. 

by: allan1954
on: 12-08-2015 13:10

o2 minimum top up £10 so giffgaff has to do the same.

by: talisker35
on: 12-08-2015 09:36
by: mcilwraith
on: 11-08-2015 19:52

as has been said this has been suggested many many times so i doubt if it will ever happen