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Make the minimum top-up £5

By: saadiyahk | 06-05-2014 13:47

Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.


by: mysticwolf
on: 04-09-2015 19:13
Would be good especially for me
by: navvy
on: 04-09-2015 07:56
The topup gives 3 months of free gg-gg calls, texts and video calls. That can be very valuable (though mine would have been covered by the unused goodybag minutes). It also keeps the SIM and phone number active for 6 months. There does need to be a minimum topup, but being able to type any amount between £10 and £30 would make sense.
by: espuelita
on: 03-09-2015 06:50

This often comes up. gg are I'm sure fully aware of the idea.

by: daveiyf
on: 03-09-2015 02:14

you get my vote

by: misty2012
on: 02-09-2015 23:57

I like the idea of a £5 credit topup.

by: kathleen414
on: 02-09-2015 22:13
Yes from me
by: sarahbanahnah
on: 01-09-2015 10:16

Great idea!

by: karenyates
on: 01-09-2015 00:42
I agree £5 is a better minimum top up amount. Times are hard and finding £10 can be difficult for many.
by: claw
on: 31-08-2015 18:53

Due to costs there is a point when this becomes uneconomical due to transaction fees.



by: cim
on: 31-08-2015 18:07

In the past gg have claimed in the past that there are certain fixed transaction costs which make smaller payments uneconomical. Not saying that is not true but I suspect there are also business reasons why having larger balances works in gg's favour, more cash in accounts, more scope to spend on PAYG either deliberately or accidentally eg when allowances run out.

I support the often proposed idea of smaller payments e.g. £5.

But accepting payments for any amount presumably from 1p upwards seems to be asking a lot to me. I think it is reasonable for gg to draw a line somewhere.