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Make the minimum top-up £5

By: saadiyahk | 06-05-2014 13:47

Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.


by: jmn17
on: 25-06-2017 17:48

Agree should be£5

by: jv_19
on: 28-05-2017 09:37

Yes this would be great idea! 1+

by: densgems
on: 22-05-2017 18:29

I've always thought this would be best though I know with O2 you can only top up with at least £10, so maybe this is why we can't though I'm not sure that's reason enough anyway. 

by: tonilool
on: 16-05-2017 19:02

Good idea. 

by: davidvarley
on: 26-04-2017 13:52

Just top up every now and again with £10 when can afford it so when you can not afford it you have some credit left in your balance for you to use.

Another idea is maybe if you have access to computer for free eggs library computers you can help out on Giffgaff and get airtime credit twice in a year. So that's some free credit every now and again. Which can help out. Just make sure you use your calling credit sparingly then to up £10 when you can and you will have plenty of credit when you need it.

by: petarten
on: 28-03-2017 20:33

Gosh !

2944 votes and not a single reaction from gg team?


They simply don't want to lower the minimum Top-up !!!


by: f0cuss
on: 24-03-2017 19:45

yesi think is still out there that way that allows u 2 top up with 5£ only. dunno 4 sure but i remember 2 years ago i use to b able 2 do it with a credit card .. 

by: billyboy74
on: 21-03-2017 22:37

I totally agree as I top up £10 each month on my 02 pay and go SIM a bundle that I never use more than 30% of so I am not getting my money's worth so as a disabled person getting by on a silly disabled pension it would make a difference to my pocket each month.I suppose that if I put the minimum £10 on my account this month it does mean I don't need to top up next month providing I don't use more than my allowance on the £5 package I have just chosen.I think I should have thought about that point more before making myself look a bit on the **** side lol.I can admit that when pay in all my bills in one hit then being able to pay just a fiver would benefit my small amount of pocket money for that month.Maybe that point takes away my **** comment before lol.

by: nanamaz36
on: 16-03-2017 23:51

I have put 20 on still can't call

by: kirky43
on: 16-03-2017 14:44

You can already get a £5 goody bag,it's great it's all i use