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Improve the frequency of Setting Best Answers

By: alicepowell | 02-05-2014 10:45


Hi All,


Long term members know that setting a "best answer" is super important, however new members who only come online to get a one off answer aren't aware of why setting a "best answer" is important.


Yes, we have The Knowledge Bank explaination but if you've only just come online to get a quick answer you aren't going to be spending the time checking out the site to see how things fully work.  


however the latest update has included this, When you click the "Best Answer" button you get this message:


set best answer.JPG


But to get this message you have to set a best answer, and if you've ever been in Help & Support you will notice that at best, 1 in 10 help threads gets a best answer set.  



When a new thread is created in Help & Support, I think a message similar to the one above should appear above you members OP and say something along the lines of:

"When a member posts the Answer that helps you please click the "Best Answer" button - So the answer can help others too" 




  • More threads with have a best answer set,
  • incentives members to be more active in the help forum,
  • less work for educators, so they dont have to go back through as many threads
  • more best answers set for us, the helpers.

If a pop up can me made to appear when the action of clicking "best answer" can be done, it should be simple to create something similar for the action of creating a new thread in Help & Support


Thanks for reading, if you agree that this would be a helpful addition to the Help & Support forum please "KUDOS" to show your support




by: flaxvert
on: 04-06-2015 21:45


The Eds go through all the replies to questions 7-10 days later and select a best answer so as to tie up loose ends. 

Obviously I agree though that any way to encourage the OP to accept a best answer is great 2 fold, it means THEY are happy with a certain answer that worked specifically for them and also it saves the Eds time having to mark questions with solutions. 

The star rating (even though I knew that would be a flop) would have been great at cherry-picking the best answers but unfortunately that failed thanks to the person that gave an answer 1 star being named and shamed.. Bring in an anonymous 5 star system maybe?