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Allow goodybags to recur from credit

By: ski_31 | 25-04-2014 19:50

Hi all :smileyvery-happy:


I did some searching to see if this idea has been submitted before and I couldn't find anything. Please forgive me if my searching wasn't thorough enough and there has been this idea before.


The idea


 The recurring goodybag feature is great because it gives people a feeling that you would have with a contract - without the boundaries. However, you can only recur a goodybag from a credit/debit card and I (and I'm sure many others) think that it's time to allow goodybags to recur from airtime credit.




This shouldn't be hard to implement is there anything that I have missed that makes this not possible?



Here are some benefits of this idea being implemented:

  • Some people (like myself) will never use a credit/debit card on giffgaff for different reasons and to have the possibility of having a goodybag recur from airtime credit will make the usage of goodybag bundles so much easier.
  • People will get a real good feeling of being able to directly use their payback points that they worked hard to earn over the course of the 6 month period as money for goodybags.
  • It will save people the trouble of logging into their giffgaff account monthly just to activate a goodybag that is the same every time.

Hope you like this idea and if you do please kudos and comment to support. I know that a lot of you don't use airtime credit for goodybags but this is honestly something that is missing from giffgaff and really needs to be implemented.





Sami :smileyhappy:


Edit: Including one of  my comments below in the idea post because I think it is a valid thing to put in:



Not really @hasan249 the recurring goodybag feature is great many people use it and it is of course optional :smileyhappy:


If goodybags can be recurred from credit/debit card payment then they should be able to be recurred from airtime credit, I am honestly quite surprised that this is not a possibility at the moment and if there is a valid reason why this cannot happen then I would like to be educated about it :smileyhappy:


Of course if there is not enough credit left to purchase another goodybag in the month that follows then a goodybag won't be purchased, and maybe giffgaff can send a reminder to people to top-up if their balance is low so they can continue to enjoy the bundle in giffgaff goodybags :smileyhappy:



by: jfh
on: 23-09-2018 20:37

I’m not sure this is an improvement as payback can be taken as cash via PayPal if over £10 and then the cash may be used to top up or buy goody bags.

by: shazad1985
on: 21-09-2018 15:45

o2 do this already. only issue is what happens if you have £9.98 in credit and your goody bag is set to reoccur the following day you will still need to go out and buy a voucher add it to your account which doesn’t really add value to the experience, don’t get me wrong I agree that the option should be made available. Just a word of caution if I run out of my goody bag data I end up buying another, if there is credit the usage after the data has run out gets charged to my airtime balance therefore it would leave me short for the next goody bag, so I am only 30% behind this idea sorry. I use a debit card and reoccur my goody bag through that I never have had any issues. I moved to EE on contract and actually cameback to giffgaff even though £4 more every month still better reliability and flexibility. If implemented this idea would impact on that flexibility as it does on o2 payg.

by: bluey3991
on: 05-10-2019 10:13

I have that problem. Have £9.95 credit and would be good to use that and pay the rest some other way with Paypal or something. Very irritating.

by: timtr99
on: 19-09-2018 23:40

definitely a great idea,thumbs up from me ????

by: namel08
on: 18-09-2018 17:46

giffgaff is good . you can redeem vouchers for doing challenges and yh.

by: afsan567
on: 18-09-2018 09:45

this needs to happen

by: ungourin
on: 17-09-2018 20:28

yeah this could be a good idea and help a few people

by: h_2003
on: 17-09-2018 16:29

best idea

by: h_2003
on: 17-09-2018 16:29

best idea

by: tuneful
on: 15-09-2018 10:06

yes please!

by: daz6572
on: 13-09-2018 17:12

it's a great idea. I've tried to do it before and was surprised it wasn't already an option.