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Allow goodybags to recur from credit

By: ski_31 | 25-04-2014 19:50

Hi all :smileyvery-happy:


I did some searching to see if this idea has been submitted before and I couldn't find anything. Please forgive me if my searching wasn't thorough enough and there has been this idea before.


The idea


 The recurring goodybag feature is great because it gives people a feeling that you would have with a contract - without the boundaries. However, you can only recur a goodybag from a credit/debit card and I (and I'm sure many others) think that it's time to allow goodybags to recur from airtime credit.




This shouldn't be hard to implement is there anything that I have missed that makes this not possible?



Here are some benefits of this idea being implemented:

  • Some people (like myself) will never use a credit/debit card on giffgaff for different reasons and to have the possibility of having a goodybag recur from airtime credit will make the usage of goodybag bundles so much easier.
  • People will get a real good feeling of being able to directly use their payback points that they worked hard to earn over the course of the 6 month period as money for goodybags.
  • It will save people the trouble of logging into their giffgaff account monthly just to activate a goodybag that is the same every time.

Hope you like this idea and if you do please kudos and comment to support. I know that a lot of you don't use airtime credit for goodybags but this is honestly something that is missing from giffgaff and really needs to be implemented.





Sami :smileyhappy:


Edit: Including one of  my comments below in the idea post because I think it is a valid thing to put in:



Not really @hasan249 the recurring goodybag feature is great many people use it and it is of course optional :smileyhappy:


If goodybags can be recurred from credit/debit card payment then they should be able to be recurred from airtime credit, I am honestly quite surprised that this is not a possibility at the moment and if there is a valid reason why this cannot happen then I would like to be educated about it :smileyhappy:


Of course if there is not enough credit left to purchase another goodybag in the month that follows then a goodybag won't be purchased, and maybe giffgaff can send a reminder to people to top-up if their balance is low so they can continue to enjoy the bundle in giffgaff goodybags :smileyhappy:



by: rites61
on: 13-02-2020 18:49

very well explained idea

by: sjwright
on: 11-02-2020 20:28

People can also have the auto top-up feature enabled to ensure they don't miss out on their goody bag :o)

by: janinemhl
on: 30-01-2020 14:00

The flexibility makes sense. Thanks for suggesting this idea.

by: richard_m_wade_esq
on: 16-01-2020 20:19

best idea so far

by: racha27269
on: 15-01-2020 02:44

Great Idea Fully Supported :)

by: msmon55
on: 12-01-2020 17:30

Seems a very good idea to me. I would use the option if credit there.

by: bethanykelly
on: 10-01-2020 00:42


by: muddycalhoun
on: 06-02-2020 15:04

As bad as your always posting this inane comment on every idea you visit now doing it multiple times

by: lornab103
on: 09-01-2020 12:09

Great idea that I would make use of

by: dvs22
on: 07-01-2020 15:12

Excellent idea.

by: zainh94
on: 06-01-2020 16:50