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Delete goodybag

By: gavgav | 27-07-2011 23:26

we should be able to delete our own QUEUED goodybag then the money from that goodybag goes back into credit. it is much easier for us as we do not have to contact an agent (and wait 24 hours to get a response) it also saves the agent time as well!! where the goodybag is on my giffgaff they could put a cross to delete it.


by: vmccartney
on: 20-02-2016 14:58

Agree.  Circumstances change and I usually end up waiting until I the day my goodybag runs out to ensure that I can select the appropriate 'bag for the next month.  Easy enough to swap it into airtime credit and I for one would be happy to do that if it gives me the added versatility of being able to change my mind!

by: momist
on: 09-11-2015 17:12

TBH, I thought you already could cancel a queued goodybag, or gigabag.  Seems I'm wrong, the only way listed in the KB is by 'Ask an Agent'.  It should be easier than that!  Supported.

by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 22-11-2017 16:12

Just a head's up that this idea has now been implemented. Nicely done, gavgav. Apologies for the late action on this as we organise our 10k idea backlog!

by: shipon786
on: 21-11-2017 15:58

This is a good idea as it helps you from having to wait.

by: chinsndips
on: 29-10-2017 21:20

Yes, it could save some time. Good idea!

by: prescilla_g giffgaff Staffer
on: 01-06-2017 15:15

Afternoon gavgav,

Thanks for submitting this idea.

A member has already posted the same idea; it might be worth heading on over there and dropping it in a vote in support. We see quite a bit of tract has gone in here - we'll see if there's a way of combining your votes without the overlap :)

Original idea here; https://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/12881114

Keep up those bright ideas,


by: bertiebat
on: 18-07-2017 13:25

Sorry @Prescilla, but this is actually the original idea and the one you have linked to is one of the many duplicates.

by: mysticalmianderer
on: 21-12-2016 12:36

would also reduce number of queries in help and support we have come in..if its simple to implement in to coding then should definetly be done in my opinion.

by: dee2495
on: 21-04-2016 05:19

got my support

by: scrappydez
on: 12-04-2016 15:59

I know the standard practice by agents is to put the refund as credit. I actually think it should be refunded to the debit card if that method was used.

Supported +1

by: evs22
on: 27-03-2016 13:03

This seems very sensible as I can imagine it's quite irritating to have to contact an agent and wait for a response! Hope it's implemented in the not too distance future.