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Allow Goodybags to be used in EU

By: deffers90 | 03-04-2014 15:05

When the scrapping of roaming charges comes into force later on next year (see bbc news story
http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26866966 ) I propose that we are able to use our normal goodybag allowance with in the EU.

I'm not if this would be in the pipeline or not but I know networks aren't allowed to charge more for calls etc than in their country of origin, but I think it would be popular with other giffgaffers


by: mrmario100
on: 27-10-2017 21:55

giffgaff talking over the EU, I love it

by: kane567
on: 26-10-2017 21:37

would be good idea

by: soulatino
on: 24-10-2017 20:11

That's a giffing big vote from me!

by: jalphonelondon
on: 24-10-2017 15:13

Vote twice

by: hascilowicz
on: 23-10-2017 19:08


by: emsiebear
on: 20-10-2017 17:03

love the idea :-D

by: frankie_starz
on: 20-10-2017 08:05

great idea 100%

by: al3xuk
on: 19-10-2017 00:32

Fantastic Idea now we can flog my sims to the euro zone members when they visit tell them to top up online or via PP once they go back. them we can dominate the world Ha ha haa "Evil laugh" ok Europe, for now :-)

by: reteph95
on: 18-10-2017 20:49

that would be really good, and would stop people from worring about what they are spending.

by: firth1990
on: 17-10-2017 07:50

100% great idea