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Allow Goodybags to be used in EU

By: deffers90 | 03-04-2014 15:05

When the scrapping of roaming charges comes into force later on next year (see bbc news story
http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26866966 ) I propose that we are able to use our normal goodybag allowance with in the EU.

I'm not if this would be in the pipeline or not but I know networks aren't allowed to charge more for calls etc than in their country of origin, but I think it would be popular with other giffgaffers


by: golferbot
on: 11-11-2017 16:26

I made use of the roaming charges in Poland being the same as in the UK. It was an absolute brilliant imitative. Our Polish trip was thoroughly enhanced because we didn’t need to worry about the cost. Use of maps, searches, phone calls, texts, use of social media -it was brilliant. Thanks Giffgaff.

by: wit3k90
on: 10-11-2017 15:34


by: lostmonk29
on: 07-11-2017 19:06

like the sound of that been able to video chat or just send a txt on messinger just to let people know there OK

by: rzezba1234
on: 06-11-2017 13:16

super idea :)

by: adchez
on: 02-11-2017 23:53

I went to Cyprus a few weeks ago and everything was the same as if I was back at home. No extra charges, watched plenty of YouTube videos with my data allowance whilst on holiday! Epic. I think they have already implemented such an idea. Nice one!

by: thebudda
on: 30-10-2017 19:08

Super idea!!

by: thebudda
on: 30-10-2017 18:44

Super idea!!

by: fil37
on: 30-10-2017 07:27

yes, otherwise, i'm swapping my sim card back and forth, because apps like whatsapp no longer work

by: smiffyds
on: 29-10-2017 06:56

I totally agree

by: rainbowkitkats
on: 28-10-2017 17:00

I love this idea - good for those of us who do a lot of travelling, especially our generation