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Allow Goodybags to be used in EU

By: deffers90 | 03-04-2014 15:05

When the scrapping of roaming charges comes into force later on next year (see bbc news story
http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26866966 ) I propose that we are able to use our normal goodybag allowance with in the EU.

I'm not if this would be in the pipeline or not but I know networks aren't allowed to charge more for calls etc than in their country of origin, but I think it would be popular with other giffgaffers


by: angelarhall
on: 08-09-2015 17:13

That would be great , I spent all august in Spain this year and my goodybag went untouched !

by: bullphit
on: 08-09-2015 17:01
Really useful if giffgaff can do it
by: meehash1
on: 08-09-2015 16:48


by: meehash1
on: 08-09-2015 16:48

Go giffgaff

by: pauloh33
on: 08-09-2015 16:43

Vodafone let you pay a daily fee to use your allowances, this could also be a reasonable option

by: sapphirey66
on: 08-09-2015 16:42

Great giffgaff....would mean no more changing sims

by: bcgiphone
on: 08-09-2015 16:41

Excellent idea - I switch to Three PAYG when I go to Italy and Spain several times a year.

by: simonepete
on: 08-09-2015 16:33


by: simonepete
on: 08-09-2015 16:33

also these goody bags,could be used in the most popular countries giffgaff members visit??

by: totoroxl5
on: 08-09-2015 16:28

definitely yes !