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Allow Goodybags to be used in EU

By: deffers90 | 03-04-2014 15:05

When the scrapping of roaming charges comes into force later on next year (see bbc news story
http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26866966 ) I propose that we are able to use our normal goodybag allowance with in the EU.

I'm not if this would be in the pipeline or not but I know networks aren't allowed to charge more for calls etc than in their country of origin, but I think it would be popular with other giffgaffers


by: brigitteozarovsky
on: 22-03-2016 19:43

This idea has a lot of support. It was posted 10 months ago. Myself and a lot of giffgaffers have been asking for a European deal for a long time.
 As it is under consideration when will the decision come?

by: kalessin
on: 18-03-2016 17:21

I'd be happy to buy a Euro goody bag at a slightly higher price than a UK one in order to get data included within Europe.

Vodafone used to have a great roaming data plan for £10 a month in Europe (only 25MB a day but that was all I needed). They stopped it which was one of the reasons I gave up on them. If giffgaff could offer something similar i would be a very happy bunny.

I use my phone while sailing and can't always get wifi. I need data to get weather forecasts etc. It's great that data costs are coming down (thanks EU) but the whole point of using a goody bag is that it makes life easier and is good value, why not have the same offer in Europe?

This summer we will be in France so I could get a French SIM, but last year we were moving between Belgium & the Netherlands so this wasn't an option.

by: andymcminn
on: 11-03-2016 16:08

Given that you're now harmonising UK and EU pricing there's simply no reason not to allow us to use our allowances in the EU.

by: carmar88
on: 11-03-2016 12:54

We should be able to use phone abroad with no increase increase in charges and use of our normal allowance either goody, gigga or credit as per 3's abroad charging. Frequently this is only for a fortnight but we get well clobbered over that fourtnight!!!!

by: redbull56
on: 11-03-2016 11:33

Fully support this idea...

by: aaamer
on: 07-03-2016 11:34

I agree with this idea,this should be implemented and it will helpful for many people.

by: cintiajane
on: 27-02-2016 13:53

completely agree. Simpler the better. Boring to have to buy a local sim to stay on line and talk to people at a reasonable price . 

by: babs11
on: 25-01-2016 17:45

When we went to Italy recently the people on Tesco mobile monthly and Orange couldn't use their phones, but I could use my G G credit. It's probably best to have both a goody bag and some credit on the go  if you go abroad and your credit top up will last ages as prices are much cheaper in the EU than they were.

by: alexirving
on: 21-01-2016 11:35

This is no longer an issue as EU roaming rates will end in 1-2 years

by: steve_ofthefinalfrontier
on: 20-01-2016 10:25

The problem I see with this idea is that people who want the cheapest package they can get and only want UK calling, will still be subsidising people who call in/out of EU.

I would think there needs to be an additional pacakge that extends any existing goodybag to the EU, that way people can choose if they want it or not.