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Allow Goodybags to be used in EU

By: deffers90 | 03-04-2014 15:05

When the scrapping of roaming charges comes into force later on next year (see bbc news story
http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26866966 ) I propose that we are able to use our normal goodybag allowance with in the EU.

I'm not if this would be in the pipeline or not but I know networks aren't allowed to charge more for calls etc than in their country of origin, but I think it would be popular with other giffgaffers


by: jesi23
on: 25-06-2017 01:20

this idea from 2014 appears to have been Implemented this 14 June 2017, with the obeying of the EU directive on Roaming which has allowed goodybags to be used in 'EU and select countries' while within those countries - (although some members misunderstand all the implications, and think it should include calling Europe from UK as well) -


by: jv_19
on: 28-05-2017 09:41

1+ 1+

by: geronimo1946
on: 12-05-2017 22:47

A lot of other companies are useing roaming now

by: john69anderson
on: 12-05-2017 09:05

yes please

by: nois
on: 11-05-2017 18:49

Bring it on. People would then buy and use a giffgaff goodybag when they go on their European travels instead of buying a local SIM, or not using their phone.

by: brigitteozarovsky
on: 04-05-2017 18:06

This is long overdue! Many of us would like this idea to be implimented asap!

by: marktyme
on: 02-05-2017 14:42

Yes yes yes I think this is a brilliant idea as I travel a lot & always have to get a pay as you go  sim for the country I'm travelling in :-(( giff gaff wouldn't lose out in fact you would gain seeing as people would buy a bigger goody bag & stick with giffgaff. .......*** would be great to also have an international Goodybag***. .... 

by: ripbox
on: 24-04-2017 07:35

Fantastic news that this is happening now ????

Well done @deffers90

by: giffer23
on: 22-04-2017 05:06

It will be amazing.looking forward for to it. 

by: johnmustow
on: 21-04-2017 15:30

Can't come quickly enough