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Give out free SIM cards at Heathrow arrivals

By: nfh | 02-04-2014 10:49

When I landed at Heathrow Terminal 5 last week, I saw this vending machine for SIM cards in the baggage reclaim hall at arrivals. Giffgaff should find a way to distribute its SIM cards either from this machine or for free from somewhere else near to it in order to avoid losing business on visitors to the UK. Perhaps there is an opportunity for giffgaff to do this in the new Terminal 2 which will open on 18th June.


LHR T5 SIM vending


by: frpc
on: 19-01-2017 00:21

Even though this idea is being looked into I doubt it will be ever implemented! For a start a design team would need to produce brand new machine friendly packaging.

Secondly,  giffgaff are not interested in recruiting one off topup visiting members. High churn rates are bad for business and lead to unpredictable purchase of future minutes and data content from O2.

Travellers just want to insert sim, pay and use for their immediate needs.

Giffgaff sims require wifi to set up the sim, there may be a long delay at exceptionally busy times. Settings on phones may need to be entered manually.... All in all not an airport friendly environment for new members.

by: zahmed2010
on: 02-06-2016 06:42

That's a good idea.

by: aaamer
on: 01-06-2016 09:21


by: aaamer
on: 25-04-2016 13:42

Great idea.

by: brigitteozarovsky
on: 19-04-2016 08:32

very ennoying! Can't edit my message.....

by: brigitteozarovsky
on: 19-04-2016 08:29

PS: ??In the Eurostar magazine, there is a free sim worth £3 to activate at the station. 


by: brigitteozarovsky
on: 19-04-2016 08:21

Very good idea for All airports, ports and train station.

by: dee2495
on: 11-04-2016 13:13

Thats a really good idea

by: sanjitwwe
on: 03-03-2016 18:58


by: sanjitwwe
on: 03-03-2016 18:58

Will cost money for giffgaff to implement but will  probally make more money in long run