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Buy a goodybag via calling a number.

By: ebz98 | 19-02-2014 03:32

Hi there, I think that you should instead of having to do it online you can do it on the phone when you ring up to put your top up voucher on you should be able to do your goody bags that way as be lot Easter as in some cases people don't always have the internet or cases to the internet or even wifi like me . Because I have just moved and I don't get signal there all together and haven't had chance to get wifi, so think would be amazing if you could do it like that and think people would agree if they are in a similar situation as me or in situation where they army's always get on the internet to top there phone up that's my amazing idea thank you


by: natasa80
on: 02-03-2016 15:16

great idea...great for emergencies when you cant get online!

by: dham1234
on: 17-02-2016 10:13

Thats a great idea for someone who finds it difficult to access the online dashboard as they would know to call say *100#10*.

by: mij_sky
on: 14-02-2016 08:36

Easy to do ' go on off gaff 

by: sweetdeli
on: 09-02-2016 15:11

Good idea .

I couldn't buy a new goody bag last night because the site was down.  GG didn't let me know of this when they sent the renewal reminder out btw.

by: bodsmimi
on: 09-02-2016 12:33

A no-brainer, hope it gets implemented soon :)

(Currently converting airtime to goodybags for 3 friends with no WiFi/data connection where they live!)

by: egglassa
on: 04-02-2016 17:00

Makes Sense 

by: gindygoo
on: 04-02-2016 12:03

Another dupe, as already said please search before posting a duplicate idea and diminishing the support of the original.

by: navvy
on: 04-02-2016 01:21

Excellent idea, which is why I voted for the original idea ages ago.


by: kevinmanthorpe
on: 03-02-2016 14:15

I do like this idea!!!.

by: xollobru
on: 03-02-2016 11:32

Like this existing idea which appears on the Labs home page and is being looked into by giffgaff?:


or these and many other ideas?:





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