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Buy a goodybag via calling a number.

By: ebz98 | 19-02-2014 03:32

Hi there, I think that you should instead of having to do it online you can do it on the phone when you ring up to put your top up voucher on you should be able to do your goody bags that way as be lot Easter as in some cases people don't always have the internet or cases to the internet or even wifi like me . Because I have just moved and I don't get signal there all together and haven't had chance to get wifi, so think would be amazing if you could do it like that and think people would agree if they are in a similar situation as me or in situation where they army's always get on the internet to top there phone up that's my amazing idea thank you


by: andy_colebags
on: 29-04-2018 16:26

nice i

by: tracy131264
on: 26-04-2018 20:27

Great stuff

by: tids
on: 23-04-2018 10:58

wonderful to see this idea come to fruit

by: nickyheywood
on: 23-04-2018 00:16


by: nickyheywood
on: 23-04-2018 00:16


by: jade_mitchell1
on: 21-04-2018 19:24

most do this so if giffgaff doesn't do this by now they should really consider this. Or they should automatically do your next top up and if you want to change it there will be an option to go to for that.

by: darkrider808
on: 18-04-2018 14:06

yes please

by: paula9966
on: 18-04-2018 13:25

Nothing beats speaking to a real human being.

by: 300994
on: 16-04-2018 16:01

great idea and so much easier

by: juliannetmarshall
on: 16-04-2018 02:31

Great idea I'm not terribly dexterous and struggle with inputting codes.