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Staff members having better ranks / retire 'handy giffgaff staffer'

By: stephenmiller | 30-01-2014 18:11

Hi all. I was just over in the middle tab up there checking out the blog, the new one from handy giffgaff staffer valerie_86 but I don't really know who Valerie is. I pressume that she's part of the business / finance team because she's posted a few times on things of that nature.

I propose that the generic rank 'handy giffgaff staffer' be a little less used and something more appropriate to the role of the staffer be used to give a better idea of who's posting and what they do at giffgaff. I think that this would make it a little clearer especially in blogs. With staff numbers increasing there's less need for a generic rank these days.

How hard is it to do?

Not very hard I'd have thought



by: callumwoff
on: 19-11-2019 06:31

totally agre

by: karlc09510
on: 24-10-2019 10:40

totally agree

by: malco96105
on: 05-10-2019 07:08

seems like a good idea to me

by: timwilliams25
on: 22-09-2019 10:01


by: shah174
on: 04-10-2019 00:01


by: the_bookie
on: 10-03-2019 18:27

I support this and would love to see

an Educators position & rank in the

giffgaff management and the roles

they play .

It would indeed be a lot clearer than

handy giffgaff staffer and also for

contacting the right person too .

by: p7dwy
on: 11-02-2019 17:40

Very old idea, it should of been well sorted out by now.

by: muddycalhoun
on: 16-10-2018 13:22

I have seen posts from community educators but that is i

by: mikeclubs181040
on: 10-05-2018 14:45

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: littleme08
on: 05-03-2018 16:53

I like this idea.

by: chinsndips
on: 27-11-2017 00:22

Yes, it could be good thing.