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IMEI number in profile

By: figment_uk | 24-01-2014 14:19

A simple idea - include a field within each member's account profile for the phone/device IMEI number. This could either be entered manually by the member, or (preferably) auto-populated from a backend database (means it is always up-to-date)

My thinking

When you lose your mobile and need to make an insurance claim or Police report, the IMEI number is needed. This can usually be found on the original packaging (you did keep it, right?) and on the original purchase receipt (you know, that really important piece of paper you put somewhere safe in case you ever need it - if only you could remember where you put it!)

If you have neither of the above, you then have to resort to raising a support ticket with an agent and waiting up to 24 hours for a reply, which can seem like an eternity.

By having the IMEI number stored within a member's profile they can simply log into their account to retrieve it.


by: scrappydez
on: 12-04-2016 16:34

Until this idea is implemented anyone interested in this should insert their IMEI in the private notes section of their giffgaff account. This information is only visible to you and is not displayed in any part of the giffgaff website.

by: sm2018
on: 17-10-2020 18:32

I like this solution and the interim solution of IMEI storage is useful. However...

This makes it easier to make an insurance claim. I see no deterrent to the real issue highlighted here which is phone loss/theft.

by: ungourin
on: 16-10-2020 11:15

why not

by: shahz87600
on: 16-06-2020 19:36


by: barishna
on: 29-05-2020 04:10

not a great idea

by: vijay42924
on: 17-04-2020 23:28


by: jeff_elephant
on: 02-03-2020 15:33

This is a pretty useful idea. Supported!

by: racha27269
on: 16-01-2020 01:10

You have my Vote, Excellent Idea. Fully Supported :)

by: adamtheant
on: 18-08-2019 12:44


by: vixen1969
on: 21-06-2019 09:19

I love this idea. Such an easy way to ensure that the information is at hand when needed. You have my vote