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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.



by: thatbxtchtwix
on: 06-03-2020 20:16

This would be so helpful and much easier!

by: muddycalhoun
on: 23-04-2020 09:50

Would be? It already is and has been available for years

by: sandy4669
on: 03-03-2020 18:52


I like Paypal as an option.

by: securitygroup
on: 01-03-2020 11:26

What a great idea PayPal is now the way to go when it concerns online transactions

by: oleua05
on: 28-02-2020 17:29

I agree !

by: flunn46
on: 23-02-2020 10:55

great idea

by: pstrue
on: 19-02-2020 18:08

Very good idea paypal nice n secure

by: brimmo
on: 19-02-2020 13:17

Isn't this already a thing as I only use PP to topup or do you mean for rewards?

by: angelawashbrook
on: 18-02-2020 17:32

good idea ????

by: rites61
on: 13-02-2020 18:48

this is good

by: rites61
on: 13-02-2020 18:48

this is good