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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

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by: jumbo4
on: 18-04-2016 12:15

great idea

by: geronimo1946
on: 17-04-2016 10:30

Very good idea as most people have a PayPal account 

by: karenjc
on: 17-04-2016 10:04

I see from a few members they would like gg to keep it in house, but gg say can't do but it must be better to keep control our selfs thats why we joined gg in the first place and they have done so well thst way.

by: tony_betteridge
on: 16-04-2016 17:52

Excellent idea hope it comes soon

by: dee2495
on: 15-04-2016 08:02

This must be coming online any day now

by: ushikatz
on: 14-04-2016 22:51

good idea

by: giffgaffguff_web
on: 14-04-2016 11:28

I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm someone who uses PayPal whenever possible online because then I only have one set of details to remember to be able to use any number of financial options I save in PayPal. Also, using PayPal that when a card expires, I only have to update PaylPal and not every webiste I might have regsitered that card with.  Definitely plenty of good reasons to introduce this from a customer's point of view.

by: infodude4ever
on: 13-04-2016 22:02

Great idea.

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by: momist
on: 13-04-2016 21:48

I was in favour of this, but now I'm not quite so sure.  Paypal seems to be getting a bit big for it's boots these days, and remember that it is a very US centric company in it's world view and thought patterns.  I have just been asked to confirm my identity with PayPal, after many years of using it happily, by sending them photo ID and proof of residence - all electronically.  I'm none too happy about this - we have all heard of such databases being hacked and sold on the internet.

I've just changed my vote!

by: jenne_lee
on: 13-04-2016 11:12

I found that PayPal used to charge higher price into my foreign credit card. Therefore I am happy to stay with the current payment method.