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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.



by: ollyrotten
on: 20-09-2016 22:24

Would be brilliant - much easier and trusted way to pay.

by: melrob5
on: 20-09-2016 10:26

I absolutely  agree. Paypal is the safe way to topup. None of your financial info on yet another website. Come on GG???You know it makes sense!!! Xxxx

by: gabrieletim2702
on: 10-09-2016 07:48

It is an excellent idea and a better option. 

by: nelson77
on: 09-09-2016 23:14

Hi you can already pay for goodybags via Paypal as I've been doing this every month for a while now on Giffgaff app. I don't recur goodybags as Giffgaff has taken money twice so I buy a goodybag every month. When I go to top up and I select goodybag then go to pay it gives me the option of card or PayPal. Hasn't anyone used this before?

by: alst68
on: 09-09-2016 16:31

I feel this would be a lot easier and safer then inputtung numbers all the time.

by: kiran02
on: 31-08-2016 02:56

A good idea but need to keep in mind Paypals charge you need to pay to use it..

by: alexmafteiu
on: 29-08-2016 10:53

The fees are indeed high - but maybe you can negotiate something though` - you're smart people.

by: abolter79
on: 28-08-2016 21:22

brilliant idea would be easier option for a fair few people

by: vandaferre
on: 26-08-2016 01:10

Had problem as well. Just want to pay £20 in goodybags. Don't know what happened. There's more £20 pounds in calls come together. they take from my account£ 40. Just check my bank account. PayPal will be useful. 



by: calumiain
on: 25-08-2016 15:37

Not a good idea.

For us, we tended to receive a fraudulent c/card transaction following any c/c purchase via ebay - which uses PayPal by default (you can't avoid PayPal for c/c payments). We then had the hassle of reporting and explaining the intended fraud to the card-issuer, cancelling the c/c, waiting a week for the new card and pin, submitting a written fraud report, and having a question-mark put against our name.

It may appear convenient, but for us, we will never use PayPal again.

Good luck if you voted for this idea.