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Topup via PayPal

By: peter | 19-04-2010 22:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.



by: dglrn
on: 06-09-2017 16:04

great idea. I'm new and wanted to today as its for my mum.

by: igdrassil
on: 06-09-2017 15:26

Simply wonderful idea!!!

by: robertsy69a
on: 06-09-2017 12:33

yes great idea. i dont know why its not already an option.

by: mags25a
on: 06-09-2017 11:39

very good idea, hope it gets done..

by: m4ttm1984
on: 06-09-2017 06:41

100 percent do it

by: sibtahmed
on: 31-07-2017 09:11

Great idea.must be implemented.

by: vrossi98
on: 24-06-2017 09:12

I use PayPal daily and trust PayPal before the banks I have got a couple of giffgaff accounts would definitely be more useful

by: julisek1987
on: 17-08-2017 14:47

Great idea just every time must waiting for 1000 points never give free points I'm loving giffgaff

by: mase919
on: 17-06-2017 19:09

Good idea


by: johnnycobra
on: 19-05-2017 05:00


Very good idea

by: ffilc44
on: 06-03-2017 14:29

Great idea!